Tuesday, 5 April 2011

C = Cat's, cartoons, CJ, Cafes, cooking, cakes, Chocolate,

Ok so I couldn't choose just one thing when it came to C, so we have lots and just so you know they are not in the order that I like them lol.

So here we go...

C = cats.

How can you not love cats, their smart, crafty, intelligent and could rule the world if they had apposable thumbs as the following add shows.
 C = cartoons.

I love cartoons, old and new, I even like young kids cartoons, they bring out the inner child in me and make me smile.
but the best ones for me are the good old fashioned ones star mickie mouse, donald duck, pluto, goofy, whiley coyote, road runner of course, and marvin the marchian, oh cant forget bugs, there are loads anyway you know the ones I mean.

C = CJ

I love his poems there really short and simple, and just so beautifully written, he is one of the people who runs Jumpin' jitters writers cafe on sl. I also love his partner, but her name begins with J, so can't include her in the C's.
I also really like him too not just his poetry lol. he is a good person to talk too, and great at scabble :)

C = cafe's.

I love cafe's, there a great place to go and people watch, and I love people watching as it gives me inspiration for storys, and charcters.
I could sit in a cafe all day, quite happily, just watching the world go by.

C = Cooking.

I love to cook, I don't know why, but I do. I'm not paticularly good at it, most of my cakes look like they have been destroyed by a freak storm, as there all lopsided and crumblie, but I quite like my irragular bakes.
and I love throwing flower everywhere, and just getting myself in a complete mess and being able to say, its ok, i'm cooking and cooking isnt fun unless its messy right.

C = cakes.

now when i say cakes I dont mean my own, for the most part there pretty foul, but other peoples cakes, that are properly made, are yum diddaly dumpshus.
I am very lucky to be one of those people that can eat and eat and eat, and never get fat.
Which considering how much of these, and my next C I eat. Is really a good thing or I would be the size of a house by now.

C= chocolate.

the spreadable kind, the drinking kind, the melt in the mouth kind, I dont care what sort of chocolate it is I love love love love love it.
seriously i'm a girl, its my perrogative.